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Smoked Whiting Martini With Creamy Amaranth & Tahini!

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Happy new week to all!


The store has just been loaded with whiting lately, and that delicate cod-like taste, coupled with the fact that I can munch right through all the skin, bones, and every single piece of them, just makes whiting an easy staple to rotate into my week lots!


Here's what I did for today's lunch...



I boiled a pot of amaranth. (Ancient gluten-free grain that has a porridge texture. I boil 1 and 1/2 cups amaranth with 4 and 1/2 cups water, until that cooked "hot cereal" consistency and taste is ready - about 20 minutes). Then I chopped fresh leeks, and opened a can of Tahini.



I put my whiting over a grill grate piece, on the lower rack of my little MINI smoker, with apple wood chips for 25 minutes.



Meanwhile, I added the cooked amaranth and chopped leeks and a huge scoop of Tahini - maybe 1/3 cup - to a pan and mixed it together and smoked that on my top rack for about 10 minutes.




When I took that pan off, it was golden, smelled amazing (smoky) and was sizzling around the edges. The creamy Tahini lent a wonderful texture to it too!




Scooping some mixture into a martini glass, and sprinkling white & black sesame seeds over the top, I pierced a whiting right into the glass, and thus had a "shaken not stirred" creamy tahini martini, or the only martini that I could have four of, and still be fine to drive!


OK then, just a simple, healthful, something for today. Make this new week delicious and delightful!!! Cheers and warm wishes, Leah

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I can dig it! Amaranth unknown to me but I have tried faro which I think similar .Still served in the mountain villages of Abruzzo like risotto .

If I got this right that's the river that I have to myself some days where I chase whiting from my kayak.The view from my deck ,somedays I have 5 k of river with only me paddling around. I don't smoke whiting we have. Few different types lovely pan fried simple splash f white wine,lemon,EVOparsley.
Lower section f river has more fisherman & opens to ocean.
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Thanks Moikel!


You have such incredible access to so much! Kangaroo, fabulous fish, lamb shanks, and Bottarga! You must adore living where you do!


Happy Tuesday to you! I hope your travel is going wonderfully!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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