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OH NO!!!!!!!! is it o.k. still

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I started to cold smoke some buckboard bacon yesterday around 10am I just jumped out of bead realizing that I never pulled it out of the smoker. its currently 39 degrees out side but it was in the smoker for 18 hours. Smoke for the first 5 hours. Is it still o.k. ( don't start drinkin beer with old friends while smoking is my new rule).

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As long it is has been cured it should be in great shape. Give it some more smoke if you want.

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yes it was cured. I even let it go a few extra days with the cure on it.

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th_HaHa7_ani.gif, I'm sorry for laughing, but I have done the same thing myself.......... Mine was sausage.......I fell asleep in my chair, my wife put me to bed. The next morning I started looking for my sausage in the kitchen and it dawned on me that I never brought it in, after I did and was able to taste it, it was fantastic!!!! It seems like it was able to cold smoke for several more hours after I turned off the gas, the wood keep on smoking it........ As long as it was cured and with it as cold as it was, you should be fine....... Oh, BTW......worthless.gif......ShoneyBoy........

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Ill take some pics later today after I partially freeze, slice and vacume seal.

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And I thought I was the only one who does stuff like that.......biggrin.gif
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Here is the picture of the finished product.
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Mike, morning...... Nice do on the BBB......   241.png ....

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:drool:....Looks great !!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks great!

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Thanks guys. Almost 11 lbs. I left some in chunks that I can use in stews.

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