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looking to buy a propane smoker

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A store nere bye has a 44" smoke hollow for 350 is this a good buy it will be my first propane i have a offset that i love but need somthing i can use in winter time
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I bought one of these a while back, got mine from Cabelas it is all SS


I like it a lot, bought it because of the height so I could do sausage and bologna.

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I got the camp chef 24" smoke vault.  I looked hard at the smoke hollow 44" but decided against it. 


I wanted something that could fit a whole rack of ribs or a whole packer brisket.  My previous smoker was too narrow.  The Vault and Hollow are approximately the width, so either would work for that purpose.  I liked the idea of having all the space of the Smoke Hollow just because "bigger is better," but practicality won out for me.  I could probably do 3 whole briskets on the racks included with the Vault, or 6 boston butts.  For my purposes, this is more than enough space.  Also, while the reviews on the Smoke Hollow are generally favorable, I saw several comments regarding the considerable propane usage.  I am so far satisfied and am still on my first tank after 20+ hours.  Smoke Vault was $250.  I have ordered a gasket for the door as there is considerable leakage. 


As far as price for the Smoke Hollow 44", Sam's has it for $279.

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Thank you dont have a sams here and need alot of room in any smoker i bye right now do to i got 5 kidds and they eat alot.
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