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do-all newbie smoker

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I'm looking to get an electric smoker which can serve for smoking cheese, fish, pepperoni sticks, etc AND also be a fermentation chamber for say salamis. This one has a range as low as 100F. 


I have a brinkmann charcoal smoker which I use with a separate gas burner for smoking my bbq, turkeys, etc but I want something with some control so I can smoke pepperoni for 8 hours without checking on gas and stuff.


Is there such a device, cheap enough too, that can do this?



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Hello mendozer.  PM Mr T 59874 and tell him what you are looking for.  He is THE man for things like fermentation and such.  I am sure he will be glad to offer advice and explain things for you.  Really nice guy.  If such a unit exists I'm sure he will know.  Hope this helps.  Good luck. Keep Smokin!


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