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Deer Summer Sasuage

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I have made Jerkey and summer sasuage out of  deer.  My son in the military wants a goodie box from home he's overseas.


Would this be safe to ship??? He wants some really bad, but Im hesitant to send, I dont want it to go bad before it gets there( the sasuage) The jerky I can shrink wrap and it will be ok, the sasuage I smoked for 6hrs total and added tender quick to the mixture and used ground chuck for the fat content with sharp cheddar and jalapeno mixed in. I have it stored in the freezer. Is there a different process  for making SS that will ship well and retain freshness? Anybody have any ideas other than dry Ice. it  may take a week to reach his destination. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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I believe if you used cure in the reciepe,, it shouod be OK to ship.



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