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First brisket

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Ok I have smoked whole chicken, prime rib chicken breast things that you can smoke in under 6 hours, setting on the deck sipping on landshark while I watch the smoke rises,I got that down pat. But my brisket needs to go for 12 hours like to have it ready to starve around 4 or 5 so that's a 15 hour span counting the rest. Do you leave it unattended overnight?how do you keep the smoke going ? Do I have to get up a three in the morning to start? I have a smoke vault and once you get it going it holds a temp pretty well really love it Thanks
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JDoyle, I use my maverick et 732 and it's alarm to wake me if the temp gets off overnite. I use a coal snake and place wood chunks down it to keep the smoke goin for the time I want. I usually put mine on around eleven pm and have my WSM settled down by midnite. Never had to get up in the middle of the nite so far. If it gets stuck around 160 I'll wrap it and get it up to 190 or 195. I then wrap the flat in foil and towels and put it in a cooler for a couple of hours. The point goes back on the smoker during this time for a while. This works out good for eatin around four or five.

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Hello jdoyle.  IF you are sure your smoker will hold temp and IF you have a good meat/cooking chamber therm such as mentioned above then the unattended nite smoke will work.  If not; you are going to have to do the all-niter.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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You say you have a smoke vault? Is it gas or charcoal?

For the first couple I would stay up or wake a few times if doing an over nighter. Another option would be cooking at a hotter temp to shorten the cook time...
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Thanks,I'll just put a 12 pack on ice and good pot of coffee:yahoo:
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Ever consider cooking her a bit hotter? No need to hang in the 225 range for brisket. Brisket can take the heat because of all that fat. I cook them at around 260 and it takes about an hour a lb. Greatly reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the stall. I kbow a couple guys who go 280 - 290. They all come out super moist and tender.
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Up at 4 am to start
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Only 3 hours to go
Using the best odds brisket recipe ,getting the jalapeño poppers reddy and some wicked baked beans more picks to come:grilling_smilie:
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Poppers going in
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Looks good! icon14.gif
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Well worth the effort the brisket just fell apart so tender and juicy it was hard to slice,flavor was awesome !
The wicked baked beans were great the poppers just right.:)
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Looks good.

For the brisket, did you cook to temp or tenderness?
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Temp once it got 195 internal I kept it there for three hours. I did use the pan method ,after the first 4 hours I turned it every 2 hours got the recipe from link below. best odds brisket
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I only asked because you put it was hard to slice and it fell apart. You mentioned it was juicy and you loved the flavor.

If you want it a little easier to slice I would cook to tenderness not temp. If you use a tooth pick and stick the brisket with it, you should feel little resistance. Holding at 195 is going to keep cooking the meat. Hot holding is normally 140-145 range.

Now the most important thing. If who you are cooking for and you are happy with what you made. Do not change what you did. It is very important to keep your guest happy.

Looks like you had a great meal and sounds like you made many people happy with it. Keep it up! icon14.gif
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No it was hard to slice because it was falling apart that's what I meant :)
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Always let your brisket cool for as long as possible before attempting to slice ( I do an hour or two). It gives the juices time to redistribute and allows the meat to firm up. Second and most important, always cut against the grain. 90 degrees against the grain makes your meat even more tender and doesn't tear the flesh as bad.


Looks like a great brisket though........ Loads a happy smiles on that stove.


You did an most excellent job. AND wasn't it a beautiful day while smoking?




PS you ever use brocolli and califlower to make a sweet slaw? OMG its good stuff! I mean NC is like the slaw capitol of the universe.

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