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my first cheese smoke

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did some hard boiled eggs also

was able to keep temp around 60 degrees


want to say thanks to everyone that posts on the forums sure made it easier for me to smoke

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Cheese looks good Lyle,  Looks like a good mix of cheeses.  Can you tell us what kind of smoke and how long you smoked it.  The eggs look good too.   I tried eggs once and made egg salad sandwich's that got mixed reviews. 




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Mmmm, gotta love the smoked cheese, that's looking good!  I did a bunch about 3 weeks ago and have just started breaking into it, had some swiss with lunch today.


How did the eggs turn out?  I did some 300 minute eggs about a month ago while smoking some ribs, and I'm still not sure if I liked them.  No one else would touch them, but I had them on salads.  They didn't taste smokey at all, and the texture and taste was, well, weird.  I've been thinking about smoking some hard boiled, but wasn't sure how they would turn out.

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Dang looks good. Now let them rest. Probably crack into the first one around Christmas time.
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too late only 2 sticks of cheese left kids really liked it smoked it for 4 hours with hickory chunks and sawdust eggs were good maybe alittle to much smoke thanks for all the compliments been down and out about a week and a half new meds for lyme ugh

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