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Question on Brisket

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I am planning a brisket for today Georgia and Florida game.  (Go Dawgs).  It 12 lb and I start last night at 9 pm planning on 16 hours cook.  It at 180 IT now.  I cook it between 225 and 250.  It look like it going to be done before we were planning to eat around 5.  I am checking hourly with the toothpick. but it if is done before hand what is the best way to keep warm.  I am planning on double wrap it in heavy duty foil and let rest.  How long will it stay warm or what the best way to reheat it for the game?

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Hello OconeeAl.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  After foil wrap in a blanket or a couple towels then place in a warm cooler.  Cooler can be warmed a little by a blanket straight from the dryer or warm water,  Just be sure to dry it if using water.  It should hold well in there for an easy 3-4 hrs.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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