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Smoking Chicken Wings

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Hey everyone.  I'm still fairly new to smoking and this is my first time smoking wings.  I've read some of the forums and just looking for clarification on a few things. I'm looking to make some hot and some dry and some maybe with just syrup, or teriyaki etc.  If I apply some sauce before hand will it burn initially to the wing, or once you get an hour of smoking into the meat, apply sauce then for the final hour (approx.) and then at the end?  For my dry rub, is it fine to apply it long before hand then let it cook/smoke?  Lastly, when people say butter and franks, what's a good ratio 1:2? or 1:3?  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

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I smoked 40# of wings for a party last year. They day before I marinated the wings in a big tub filled with just franks buffalo sauce. I smoked them and everyone loved them. After they we're smoke, I sauced some and left some plain. The plain ones went first and were plenty hot enough.
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1:2 is a good starting point. From there just go by taste. My boys like Franks mixed with ranch dressing instead of butter. Give it a try.
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