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turkey breasts

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Hey gang thinkin bout smokin some turkey breasts for thanksgiving holidays. Never smoked turkey before, smoked chicken a good many times though. I was gonna brine the turkey, w salt n sugar for 24 hrs then inject it w some of the same seasonings they sell to use for frying turkey like garlic n herb or cajun. Any ideas or recommendations?
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Those look very good.



I don't brine, I have made a compound butter and rubbed under the skin, then toothpick the skin down to hold it in place some. Rubbed some of the butter on the outside and a bit of whatever seasoning I am in the mood for at the time. Then in and cook to 155 at 250 the highest my little cookshack would go, if I want a crisp skin I heat my oven to 375 and pull the breast from the smoker at 140 and finish in the hot oven to 155

part of it depends on what cooker you are using i guess, maybe yours will go up higher in temp to finish off with a nice skin.

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