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Louisiana Pellet Grill CS-570

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I have a line on a lightly used CS-570 at a nice price. Checking the previous posts on this forum, there doesn't seem to be much chatter about this manufacturer except that it is made in Canada

My concerns are the reliability of the electronics, auger and fan, ability to maintain temps and evenness of grill temps. Do owners like the standard electronic controller or is the Digi Que II needed?

Any owners out there? Thanks gang.
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I have an older, I think model 450.  Once I got used to it it's been great.  It's the old style with a rubber paddle wheel instead of an auger.  I do use one or two bread tins filled with sand to keep the temp more even.  Temp does not go low enough for jerky or anything like that, but I can maintain 225 degrees all day if needed.  This older one is heavier than even the older Traegers, not they're not a good pellet smoker too.


Keep it in the shade and the temp will maintain your setting...


Good Luck,


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Thanks for the reply Don.

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I recently saw 3-4 Louisiana units at our site cooking at the American Royal.  They did not all have the newest controller, but all cooked great food!  As with any pellet unit the newer, mre sophisticated, electronics will likely give more consistent temps, but like the stick/charcoal burners you're still dealing with a real fire that must keep burning.  You can't set the temp and have it stay exactly at that temp across the grate at all times.  They are a well made unit that have had favorable reports on customer service, if it is required.

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