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Originally Posted by CappyR View Post

Looks good to me!  tough aint bad and a good smokey brisket has lots of uses.  Chilli, pinto beans, etc.  I have even diced it up and put it in jumbalaya.


Its not too tuff and dry to eat, its just not nearly what I know how to do in a fireburner cooked oldschool , heck I could better in the oven. I am just a perfectionist and I am my biggest critic.


Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Looks great


Thanks man, it made good sandwiches today for lunch. One thing about me and brisket, if I have it for lunch I'll have it all day....LOL

Originally Posted by Bama BBQ View Post

I wouldn't eat it if I were you. I'd send it to ME! (Nice cook).

Whatever hit you guys yesterday hit us last night. G kids had to "trunk or treat" indoors.


They did Trunk or Treat here last Sunday, little niece had to explain the concept to me. I seemed to have lost touch back when they started treat or treat in the malls. Its a shame too, cause when I was a kid it was alot of fun, eggs, soap bars, cow piles, TP, its was all clean fun and we always got caught and had to clean it up. Besides how is a girl supposed to know ya like her if ya don't wrap her daddys house, she expected it!


Originally Posted by webowabo View Post

Sorry im late for the party. . Any brisket left for me? Looks good foam!


I just got a feeling you had a heck of time last night for halloween....... I'd share, but bet ya'd like the jambayla better. I know you can smoke already, and make gumbo.... so maybe jambalaya would be different. Thank you sir.

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" I am my biggest critic." Aren't we all my friend!
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