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planning in smoking 2 pork loins friday

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I was unable to get near my smoker for the last year . We just had a son so finding the time for my smoking wasnt there. Now im looking to hit the ground running i have my marinate and rub i want to use gonna look for internal temp of 145. Any suggestions on what to put in water pan besides water?
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Congratulations on your son!

I don't put anything in the water pan. I prefer the dry chamber at a bit hotter temperature (275) for my cooks now.
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 I'm with jarjar, congrats on the bambino, dry chamber for the loins, and 145 should be excellent. 



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I just got done with a double loin smoke.  Didn't use water and it was great.  I put pine apple slices on the top then put a layer of bacon on that.


I pulled mine out at 140 then wrapped in foil for a half hour.  The IT raised to 145 and it was super juicy.


Mine took around 3 hours at 250ish.


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I run a dry smoker too. I have however put sand in my water pan to increase the thermal mass in my smoker. I smoke in all kinds of weather, wind, rain temps below freezing. So having that additional thermal mass helps with the temp swings. Especially when adding lots of meat (cold thermal mass) to the smoker. The sand filled water pan helps with the recovery time. IF you do fill yours with sand, grael, bricks or whatever, cover with foil for easier clean up! Good luck with your smoke and post some Q-view so you don't get this



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thanks for  the tips i amd going to not use water pan,   i just marinated them placed them in fridge now just waiting like a kid at christmas,, ill put up pics when its finished

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Are you still running a chargriller? If so is it the off set style?
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Sounds like you got some excellent advice above!


Pork loins are done at 145, so be careful not to overcook!


Good luck and don't forget the Q-View!



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