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Tampa area, gonna keep a lid on exact location for just a little bit.
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Fun part was today I hauled a pit over and stopped at a BBQ joint with it hooked up behind the truck. Y'all should have seen the funny looks I got . They were looking and taking pics with their cell phones, but no one approached me.....
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Clearing out my Orlando townhouse,

Sausage making stuff!

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If this move may not be the last, you could use a "Wells Fargo" lockable trailer to set up your sausage making "kitchen".....
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I have a 27' fleet wood class A motor home that will be gutted very shortly and turned into a tempory food kitchen,

I plan on posting pics of this venture!
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And, after saying good bye to the 400/600 amp welders, what is the one and only welder I decided to go with?

Lincoln's power mig 180 duel current? At right at the 1 grand price range, it's the perfect machine for the fab work I plan on doing. I know the 180t was a sweet welder, this should do every bit as good.

Haven't decided on the new plasma cutter yet, but will be looking at the hyperderms,

And I'm liking the Northstar air compressors , look like good quality.
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I have a hyper-therm plasma and really like it..... be sure to get a pre filter for the compressed air.... I have a motor guard filter in the air line...
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Future home of pits and q

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Not sure how close to Haines City you will be, but let me know when you open. The wife and I are always looking for little road trips.
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Hey rib ck out eaton air comp by polar air great compressor and a five year waranty.after two years running it hard doing body work didn't seem to pump like it should they gave me a new pump to put on it.

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Look slike an ideal locale RW. Like that place was built to serve BBQ. If I get back to Tampa sometime I'll stop by for sure.
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Finally got around to firing this one up today, as soon as the fire got going, a freak rain storm hit and I had to go running inside. So I never got to watch the temp rise or see how it did other than 3 hours later it's at 225, but I have no clue how hot it got..

I ordered a 20 ft concession trailer from Concession Nation in Ft Lauderdale, I'm going to cut the trailer off of this one and mount it on the back of the concession trailer as a event cooker. Going to be another 5 or 6 weeks before it's built and I have the smoker mounted, but I'll post some pics when it's done.

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Good reading
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I like that smoker..... 2thumbs.gif
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Well, three more weeks until they have my concession trailer ready for pick up, then I can mount this one on the back under the porch. Ive also designed ( in my head ) a small butt rotisserie that will sit next to it, but right now Ive just been cutting down live oaks and getting it all split, should have enough stocked up now for at least 6 months of cooking.


I don't have my shop set up yet, but did fire up my new Lincoln power MiG 180 duel today on just 110 to see how it did on 110. I was really surprised, Much better than the 140 I had years ago. I started welding a 24" sq. fire box out of 1/4" plate and was able to do it in a single pass. Welder should do everything I need it to once I get 220 set up. I also ordered the hyper therm 30 xp plasma after reading great reviews on it.


Other than that, just been taking some time off and relaxing,....Ill now I'll have plenty of work ahead of me in a few weeks......

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RW, afternoon..... If you call splitting and stacking wood taking time off.... lurk.gif ..... You need to get back to work.....
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Dave, I located , dropped, cut up, hauled, split, and stacked three large live oaks.( For those who are unfamiliar with true live oak, its about the heaviest and hardest oak out there. )


And this body has been sitting in an office for way to long!!!!!


The good thing, once I get going, ill be doing what I love to do!

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Good to hear from you Rib,  nothing like doing what you love, (doesn't really seem like work)   Glad you'r getting closer.


Gary S

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Ahhh... Live oak.... nothing like a wood without a straight grain in any given 6 inches of log. It's no wonder they made the USS Constitution out of that stuff, even cannon balls have trouble splitting it! Glad to hear you are well on your way, do you need me to get one of these firewood cutters up here in north Alabama to cut you a few Hickory trees?

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