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R W   It makes it real easy to clean, The stuff that gets on the underside of the rods just scrapes right off you can spin them so they are easy to scrape. I have had that grill for 13 years and use it several times a week.



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The Fire Box looks awesome!! How are you going to make your ash pan, or plan on ash cleanup with that big of a lip?

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3/8, and used 1/4" x 3/4" flat bar for the runners.

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My next step really needs to attach the firebox to a framework and start building the trailer, I started pricing out all the individual parts to build the trailer , then looked at this one for $250, thinking Im better off buting this and rebuilding the frame than trying to by each part by itself.




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Is that trailer from northern tool? I was looking at on similar to that incase i decided to make a trailer pit. And its cost was $249.
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Yeah, I usually get coupons for $50.00 off purchase of $250.00 or more, waiting for them to come in mail before ordering this, buying the parts piece by piece is about $100.00 more

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I like coupons too, use them every time I get a chance.



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Well, I cant go much farther until I get the firebox mounted on a trailer, so until that coupon shows up, I'm just piddling with vents and such.

 Not much to show.

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whats the weight rating on the trailer?
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1250 lbs, smoker should weigh in at about 800lbs dressed out. gives me plenty of room for wood and cooler.

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Frame of trailer wont be used, just all the hardware.  If you price out the wheels, axle, spindles, lights, etc, its a lot more than just buying this trailer and stripping it down.

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Ever get your trailer in or done anything else to the new smoker?



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Been working on the firebox, here and there. Ive just been real busy and this month is a big birthday month for my family and then Thanksgiving and all.  It will probably be December before I really get rolling,

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Have not had much time to work on it, but heres a pic of what I decided to do with firebox,


I sloped the sides so as to help the ashes fall out the vent, whick will be installed on the outside bottom of the box, then this stainless steel tray will sit in a rack below that....where it will stay cool enough to handle with out a glove and either can be emptied with out opening the firebox, or will self empty at speeds over 25 mph.


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looking good RW, I like the sloped sides for the funnel effect.

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I like the self emptying feature.Well thought out and executed.



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Thanks, I hope it works as planned.


Im..kind of at a stand still  right now until I get a trailer put together. The fire box has gotten to heavy to handle any more and I need to get it on wheels.  I'll probably go get everything this weekend and start building the frame next.  Thanksgiving is going to eat this week up.


Anyway...I hope everyone has a good and safe Holiday !!!!!

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Hi Ribwizzard,


While thinking about building a cooking grate for my build I looked at the picture posted in this thread.  How far apart are the stainless steel rods placed?  I am thinking about drilling the square tubing and using the stainless steel rods.  Thanks for any help GB

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The rods are 3/8" and spaced 1/2 inch. The one on the firebox was made out of what was left over and the spacing is a tad off.


I like how they turned out and will keep the same size rod with the same space between them on future builds. Any closer and they would be hard to clean, any farther and it would not look right.

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Has anyone ever used these? And how did they work out for you?



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