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need HELP with the WSM

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had the wsm for around 10 weeks now! I love it! So much different then any other bbq I have ever had! I love the setting up, and the smell of the charcoal and wood chunks filling the back yard with smoke, the problem is I may have cooked too many meats in that 10 weeks, Pulled pork, beef ribs, pulled lamb, bolers, pork ribs!etc. The wife has said no more MUSHY meats and 10 to 12 hour cooks!

So is there any good meat roasts I can, smoke but they do not pull apart? and are under 4 hours? I have the weber kettle but not as fun as the wsm!

I even love getting up at 5am (now! never used to) to light the wsm up!


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 Not sure what you are asking but...Is she feeling neglected because you are spending so much time with your smoker/other woman?! Try doing chicken or ribs. 3-6 hours. Or pork butts to 190 degrees to slice instead of pulled. (Welcome to your new addiction)!



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If the meat is mushy maybe you're cooking too long? It shouldn't be "mushy".

At any rate, Mike has you covered for shorter cooks.
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Try a reverse sear on a steak, tri-tip or sirloin roast.  There's a thread here on reverse searing (, or just type 'reverse sear' into the search box, you'll find plenty of ideas.


I tried it a few weeks ago on some steaks we had in the freezer, but they were too thin (about an inch) and they ended up a little bit too well done for us (we like them medium at the most).  But the flavor was outstanding, will definitely try it again.

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hmmmm.... when you say mushy meats makes me think you are foiling? Try cooking unfoiled, that gives you a firmer tesxture in the finished product. Also like Bama said you might be going to long - for most big chunks (brisket, butts, chuck roast) 190° internal temp for slicing, and 200° for pulling.


Don't forget you can also do things like meatloaf to change it up, or stuffed burgers! Fatties are another great hit.

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