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First Time Whole Chicken

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pic of first time smoking two whole chickens.  I soaked in a brine solution for 24hrs then I spatchcocked and then decided to continue to cut in half. Rubbed with Jeffs rub and then smoked with Applewood at 300 for 2hrs.   


Soaked two whole chickens in a brine solution for 24hrs then spatchcocked them and completed the cut in half. Smoked them for 2 hrs at 300 degrees. Excellent flavor with Jeffs rub. Notice all the juice as well.

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Darn good job for a first time whole bird..cant go wrong with spatching birds..yours look great. Only thing missing is a nice frosty beverage. Lol.
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Well, I couldn't imagine that without a cold beverage involved somewhere in the mix?


Looks great from here?


Seems like chix and ribs are where most people want to start.  Even though those two can be tricky.


Pass the chicken, please!


Good luck and good smoking.

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[/SIZEi am going to smoke 2 chickens tomorrow. I have the 2 chickens in a brine right now. I butterflied them and then put them in the brine. Does it make a difference as opposed to brining them whole.
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I don't think it makes any difference so long as the brine has a chance to penetrate. I just changed my mind from cooking whole to spatchcocking to butterflying on the fly. Good luck

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[Do you smoke the chicken with the cut side down the whole time ?
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Yes always bones down.

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I smoked this these 2 whole chickens yesterday on my UDS. I brined them for 24 hrs. then I mixed Jeff's rub with some butter.Smeared under the skin. Smoked at between 300 and 325 degrees for about 2 hrs. My son was late so I wrapper them and we ate about 45 min.  later. That was the best chicken I ever ate. The last 30 min. moped them with sweet baby rays.



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I'm smoking a 7 pound family roaster, hen, tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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I like to brine, rinse, dry, season and definitely spatchcock. I also am a big fan of creole butter injection. smoke at 250 until juices run clear. Mesquite is my wood of choice for chicken.

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Looks great fyerfightr!
Originally Posted by DownSouthSmokin View Post

I'm smoking a 7 pound family roaster, hen, tomorrow. Any suggestions?

You could also try beer can chicken. I don't even bother brining them when I make them that way. The whole chicken comes out moist and juicy, even the white meat. That's probably my favorite way of making yardbirds.
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7 pound hen
7 pound bird
24 hours in salt and brown sugar. Placed bird in after water came to a boil.
24 hours in a salt/brown sugar brine
The key ingredient!


The setup.



Good temperature.






Finished product.

The meat fell of the bones. Thanks for the good advice all!

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