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Rookie at dry curing......

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Hey everyone new to the site and new to the entire hobby in general..


I'm starting a capicola soon and just wanted to get your take on what to do or what you did...


At first I wasn't going to use any curing salt but I read a few blogs on other sites that basically scared the hell out of me into buying it. So from what I have read I will cure it in the fridge until it gets nice and firm (2 weeks). Wash it off with white wine, add herbs (paprika, chili, etc.), then find a cold (50-60 F) and humid spot to hang it and just wait...


If this sound incorrect to you please let me know what you would do different or basically anything that will help me out. Thanks.

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Do yourself a favor and get a book on fermented sausage. there is a ton of things you really need to understand before you attempt dry curing.
We are not allowed to post links here, but google "Stanley Marianski, the art of making fermented sausage"
good luck
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thanks just ordered a copy

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