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I'd do a test burn or 2, get it up nice and hot to burn vaporize any nasties. Let it cool off completely between burns and wipe down. You can season it with canola veggie flax oil. Coat all surfaces with oil and bring it up to temp for an hour or so. Cool and repeat. Search for flax seasoning cast iron on this site. You can finish the outside after your tweaks. That is what I'm planning.

Good looking build!!

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Preciate it RadioGuy , hoping to get it up and smoking this weekend it weather permits , will post pics and results .......
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Don't know why I'm just at a complete stand still , keep staring at this thing and hadn't done anything to it in a few weeks now , inside and smoker done , just need to find a fastener for the doors , but ideas are going left and right for finishing the outside , wanting to add a smaller grill on one side and a burner type cooktop on the other ....guest that's a part of a first build huh
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Getting her primed and painted , been waiting on this BCS Championship game was hoping my Crimson. Tide was gonna do it but glad my state still representing , hopefully Auburn will pull it out giving us 5 of the last National Championships , it will be the theme of this build Sweet Home Alabama .......

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First fire up , Seasoning yahoo.gif
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