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Smoker Thermometer

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I need some help finding a thermometer for refrigerator bbq. I need one with a long stem like 6 or 7 " inches long
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Ebay - search for Tel-Tru.  They have a lot of options.  I got the one for my WSM (the old model before they came with a dome thermometer) for $25 and it was brand new.  The Tel-Tru models are commercial grade.

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I am looking for a longer stem like 7 or 8 inches long. My refrigerator smoker door is 4" thick . Can I use a deep fryer thermometer is it accurate.
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Tel-Tru would be my first choice as well they make lots of different ones. Personally I'd go with a Maverick Digital or similar and thread the cable and probe into it before I went with a Fryer Thermometer

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