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smokin in the snow

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just joined mmg. saying hey from traverse city. great weather were having up here lately. that is if you like to Q in rain/snow thats coming at you sideways. lol. got a pick up load of cherry i had to try out so i got out the carhart  bibs for the first time this year and gave er a run.

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Welcome to the best BBQ site there is tc fish bum.   Glad you joined and now we want Q-view of your smokes.  Traverse city is a great place to party. 



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thanks, it is a pretty koo sight. got no pics yet, gotta figure out how to do that? tc is a great place to live as well.i try to never take it for granted! brew pubs are exploding around here. seems like there is a new one every month. jolly has got the belgum thing, north peak has a great ipa although i havent tried terra yet, hope to here good things from them in about a year when there yeast/ equipment drift into there own.

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Welcome TC fish bum,
Glad you found our group. I love TC, and apparently so does everyone else in the midwest! There's always tons of stuff to do. I just read an article in the detroit free press (might have been the News) the other day that talked about TC locals getting a bit of "Festival Fatigue" from all the events year round. It was interesting.

Anyways, again welcome. looking forward to seeing more from you. holler at me if you want someone to show you how to post pics. Later!

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dont believe that. for the most part we enjoy the events that come and go. its the omg amount of traffic that comes with it that we hate. tc is a pretty safe town so its relagated to busy body politics to keep the in town folks justified.not a bad problem to have where your kids are growing up in my opinion.

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