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wood in a WSM?

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i think i remember the instructions saying we cannot burn wood in the WSM. why not? isn't charcoal basically wood with some binders? so why couldn't i just burn real wood in the wsm vs charcoal?

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Hi Drew,


I don't remember seeing that but I can tell you that using all wood would not give you the burn time you would get with a briquette.


Also, I think everyone uses wood chunks, so we are obviously burning wood and have not had problems.


Let me know if you hear something different.



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Weber recommends charcoal briquettes. I don't see anything about a wood fire but it explicitly says no charcoal impregnated with lighter fluid, beads, or lump. And no lighter fluid.

I read this on TVWB: "Wood must be burned down to hot coals in a separate container, then shoveled into the WSM, and this process must be repeated several times during the course of cooking. Most people who try this once don't try it again."
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