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more beef ribs

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got a couple racks from wally world.  At $1.74/lb. I just couldn't walk by.  These were not cooked any normal way.  I had a busy day and they needed to get cooked.  Got the smoker to 225 and put them in at about 11:45.  Took the wife and kids to a pumpkin patch and was gone much longer than I had planned.  Got home at 4:30 and wrapped them in foil with some apple cider.  Got busy cutting up some deer meat ( another story ) and didn't take them out of the smoker to eat till 7:30.  They were the best ones I have smoked yet.  Glad my wife likes them as  much as I do because as long as I can get them at that price I"ll be eating a bunch of them.  They were seasoned with SPOG and smoked with Hickory.  Sorry I'm a little lighter on the Q-View than usual.


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Nice looking plate of food David and you are right about that being a great price.



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Its shame someone told us we needed sides with good food!


Ribs, bread, maybe an onion but probably not, and a cold beer!


BTW really nice looking ribs and youre a lucky man to have a bride that enjoys your addiction.

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Nice is all I see, good eats. And really good price. CF

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