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How do you do a smoked beer chicken?

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I was thinking about smoking a whole chicken with beer on Pecan Wood.   I have heard that you can stick a beer can on the inside of the chicken and the beer flows over the chicken?  I have never done a chicken with beer so if anyone could list any recipe or provide a link as to doing one I would appreciate it!   Thank You

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open the beer  and open the chicken cavity. slide the chicken down over the beer can. Stand it up on a pan or on the grate. smoke at s50 till done by temp. You will need to get temps up to 350 - 375 to crisp the skin. May have to use grill or oven .

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Drink half the beer, THEN set the chicken over the can:beercheer:  It's the steam from the beer that works it's magic on the chicken, but Sprite or 7up does just as good.  When I used a full can, quite a bit bubbled out so I reduce the amount to 1/2 or 3/4 full cheers.gif

I always did them on the gas grill with indirect heat

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Drink the entire beer, spatchcock the chicken, smoke it at 350 for roughly 90 minutes or until the breast hits 160, rest it and then drink the rest of the 6 pack with some of the best chicken you've ever had.
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Thank You all for the post and help.  So my understanding is that I keep the temp between 350-375 until the internal temp is at about 160?  Looks like it should take about 90 to a couple hours for the chicken to be done?  


I have already put the chicken in brine.  The brine has 2/3 cups brown sugar, 1/4 cup kosher salt and two tablespoons of Zatarains shrimp and broil.  The company will be over about 5 tomorrow so plan on starting up the fire about 1:00pm, so hope that isn't too soon.  

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