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Country Style Pork Ribs

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Since im new at this smokin stuff, does anyone have a recipe for some country style smoked ribs? Preferably something that's not spicy and is super easy to make. I have a Master built 30" smoker and some hickory and mesquite chips. How long are they smoked for? I can also buy other wood chips. My dad used to make his ribs on the grill, but I would like to try them smoked. All he used was some KC master piece sauce. Any help is greatly appreciated 

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you really need to smoke CSR's to internal temp. 150 is fine. add a palm full of  hickory chips every hour or so to the MES. once you reach the proper internal temp you can pull them from the smoker and sauce, Finish on a hot grill or under the broiler to set the sauce.

 here is my pig rub that only has black pepper for spice.

It is a no salt rub so if you like salt add 1/4 cup.

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After it reaches temp in the smoker, you mention putting it on the grill, but for how long and what temp? I have a gas grill


The rub you make sounds good, i would have to cut it half tho cause Im not making that many racks lol

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Are you talking CSR's cut in to thick strips about 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick?  You mention racks, so maybe you are talking about baby backs or St. Louis style spare ribs?


I like my CSR's almost at the pulling stage or I have found them to be kind of tough.  Never measured IT, but guessing at least 190° before I pull them and throw them on the grill at high heat and slather on some sauce, flip and repeat one more time

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I could do either, rack or individual. My dad did individual and they were 1 1/2 - 2" thick.

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I have seen the "original" Country style ribs which was the rib end of a pork loin, but have never seen a rack of CSR's.  The only ones I have seen or bought for many years have been pork shoulder cut into individual long, thick strips which really don't resemble ribs at all.


Please post up a pic so we can see what you are cooking

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