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I know the results wanted here are always crispy skin...but I have not eaten skin or the fat under for at least 15 years... like processed meat or lunch if you don't eat it then don't worry about the skin texture...the chicken underneath tastes just as good and the skin is a good insulator for the heat on the smoker or grill...heck when we go to the fried  or pressure cooked chicken eateries we always have a large plate of skin and fat for the dogs and of course our free ranged chickens{they love it. just like scrambled eggs}..  now once in a while I do indulge and have some good skin. but I take to many pills already...jeff 

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Best leg quarters: rub with yellow mustard, use SuziQ and black pepper. Smoke/grill using a pit style grill with California Central Coast Red Oak.
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I have not been on here since I got my smoker last fall, but pulled it out last week and smoked some chicken leg quarters.  just gave them some rub and smoked for 2 to 2.5 hours.  Most of the time it was around 225*.  I really wanted to be up to 250 but it just didnt want to climb up there.  Chicken turned out great!, cooked thru,  I put on the grill for a little while with a touch of sauce... The only dissapointment was the skin.  it was like leather!  Meat was very juicy but skin was very dried out and chewy.  

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Totally agree with most of the above, including the higher temps and no water pan, but we always brine them. All you need for thighs, etc. is a couple of hours swimming, and as far as we're concerned it's well worth the little effort.....
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I smoke in 275 neighborhood but i remove the skin frim quaters because we dont eat skin round the house. I smoke approx 3 hours until 170 IT in the thigh . If i sauce i do it about 155-160 IT and let it set up.
Here are some 1/4's turned into great pulled bird...

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I prefer a hotter grill temp but regardless of temp, I do t go by time or internal meat temp. When you can pull the bone out with a slight tug, it's done!
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Gonna give this a try tomorrow with cherry and pecan...Thanks. What do you use for a rub??
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