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Beach Brisket

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took my smoker with me to Long Point on north shore lake Erie this summer.  smoked a nice little brisket with white oak and cherry.

smoked at 200-225 and meat was ready abnormally fast.  it was at 155 in 3 1/2 hours.  i let i go to 205 and it only took a total of 6 hrs.  half the time it usually takes me.  same process and temps.  i never let it go that high but was rewarded for it.  the top muscle was so tender it was like pate. 


limited tools on beach and had to trade meat for use of a neighbours knife.  unfortunately the knife went into the fire with the newspaper cutting board.  meat must have been good because he didnt care about knife.  Other folk were coming around ready to trade beer for meat. 


One of my favorite smoking sessions ever!



ready to camp


smoking on the beach


yummy beach brisket


yummy beach brisket

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Nice ! It's real easy to make friends when you make the whole neighborhood smell good.

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I wish  I was cooking here again.   ahh, memories of warm weather

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