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"Hammy ribs?"

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Had an interesting cook the other night-  Went to Rainbow foods cuz they had a big seafood sale going on, and I wanted some Smelt. While there I noticed they had BB ribs on sale for 2.49/lb. Hormel brand, simply labeled pork loin back ribs. At that price, I figured why not?


Smoked them exactly the same as I always do, with a slightly modified 2-2-1.  They looked a little odd, and took longer than usual.

Pulled them once tender, and sliced. took a bite, and the flavor was decent, but the texture, or grain was exactly like ham or a smoked (cured) pork chop.


I thought this was very odd, as I've got these pretty much dialed in & predictable.


Had to go to my favorite butcher the other day, and (sheepishly ) admitted I'd bought elsewhere, and told him what happened. Without even a moments thought, he says Hormel injects the h... out of their ribs with Nitrates & water/salt god knows what.  So the ribs were basically starting to cure on their own, (Which also extends shelf life). 


The ribs I get from him are all-natural, with minimal processing.  What a world of difference, you really do get what you pay for!!


Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this or similiar.


Got 4 racks on now, hope everyone has a great Sunday!!



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I have never ran into that problem. I'd say read the label before you buy..

Happy smoken.


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pork loin back ribs and baby back ribs are two different ribs. treat loin back ribs just like spares.

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I made some intentionally one time.  I cured them (can't remember whether wet or dry), put a layer of turbinado sugar on, and smoked till tender.  They were like ham lollipops. 

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We occasionally make Pops Bacon on a Stick:


They are good, not that I would do them that way every time.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Venture, I think your post was what inspired me.

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