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1st Packer in a long time...

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Found a place that carries packer briskets.. better yet, PRIME packers... WOO HOO!!!!
Picked up 2, one is in the freezer - this is the other one ...

Not sure how much this one weighs, but it is the smaller of the 2, and together they were 21 pounds...
It's sitting on a full sized sheet pan

All trimmed up..


We also picked up some beef ribs... not too meaty, but will be a nice snack for the Eagles game...

Everyone loaded into the Traeger... we were thinking about putting on a pork butt too but there is no space...

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CAB Prime Brisket.  Yum.  Looks like it's gonna be a great day.  What kind of rub, pellets, and temps are you using?

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Rub - Simply Marvelous Cherry

Pellets - Hickory

Temp - 275*

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Gonna be a tasty meal!
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Lookin' good so far!  Can't wait for more...





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Hey Ellymae!!! Finally caught one of your posts again...haven't had much time to browse lately, so this will be a treat for me. Nice looking packer!!! Just now found out you have the Traeger, and it seems it's earning it's keep while you keep it busy...:cool:


You're doing burnt ends with the point, I assume? Love 'em!!! I'll be patiently awaiting the finish...:popcorn




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Oh, I am so into this!



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  I can just see the tray on the side of Freds car before it flips over! Looks like a great day for football!

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5 1/2 hours in...

Brisket flat @ 160* - probing tough... must... be... patient....

Wrapped in foil to move things along a little...

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Well this looks incredible! I'm just in awe on this entire site! Thank you for sharing!!! Cheers! - Leah

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7 1/2 hours in... last 2 in foil...
Took off the point and added the flat and the juice to a pan...

The flat is now resting in a cooler..

Cut up the point...

Added more rub and these beauties back in the smoker.
As I was cutting these up, Big Al snuck a taste and the only words out of his mouth were.. Oh my... oh my....

Mac and cheese in the oven now... can't wait for dinner.
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WOW!! It really looks amazing!!! And yes, here is to dinner then!!! Terrific! Cheers! - Leah

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Oh boy, does that make me hungry. Great job and great Qview.



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Very nice Looks great.

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Thanks folks. We are still enjoying it.

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Looks fantastic Ellymae!


Thank you for sharing!


Would love to see some more shots of the burnt ends.



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You said it turned out well the other night and you definitely didn't disappoint with this cook!

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