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Charcoal basket

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Do you think the baskets used for " gym lockers" in schools, and at swimming pools, would work as a charcoal basket in a New Braunfels offset firebox smoker?  I can probably get one of those, for free, so I am curious as to what anyone thinks.

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th_dunno-1[1].gif But if you can get it for free. I'd give it a try. Do you have any pics of the basket?

Happy smoken.


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If it's galvanized, just do a very hot burn before cooking and it should be fine.

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It would look something like this.  I might be able to get one that is mostly metal, with small holes, as well.  My girlfriend works at an elementary school, and they have an excess of these things.

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Galvanized metal gives off a noxious and deadly gas when exposed to heat!  I would do more than do a hot burn, I would make sure that all the galvanization is completely removed before using as a charcoal basket!!!


Don't take chances.


Good luck,



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something like this

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I wouldn't use galvanized at all. When I had an offset I built a charcoal basket form expanded metal. It was way too easy to do to risk issues from galvanized metal.

Yoke up can make one to your specs for you. Yokeup dot net
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I would hunt for something differant. It might be ok with some work.I just don't see it worth the work.

Happy smoken.


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It's been awhile since I attended the grade school where these baskets are, but if I remember correctly, I don't think they were made of galvanized steel.  I really don't know, because that was 30 years ago.

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the other thing is the holes are so big... once charcoal burns half way I'm thinking it will just fall through...
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Here it is, and it's the prefect size for my firebox.  Now, I just have to remove the galvanized coating, but that shouldn't be too hard.

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I got the zinc removed from the basket, and I used it, yesterday. It worked perfect. The holes aren't as big as they look in the picture, so no charcoal fell through.  It kept a perfect 250 temp through the whole smoke.  Who came up with the charcoal basket idea, anyone know?

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