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Birthday "Tank" (and other Cakes)

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Birthday "Tank" (and other Cakes)

I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.
My Son's Wife has been into making Birthday cakes for friends & relatives, for the last few years.
She does this stuff when she's not hunting or fishing.

Below is a tank she made for her 4 year old Nephew.

Pretty cool !!


That's "Jack", the Birthday Boy in the background:

A couple others:
The kids at the party had a real blast eating the rocks!!!

Yes that is a Cake!

Another Cake:

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I'd say the little lady does a fine job on cakes. Do I need to get my order in early?

Happy smoken.


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wow...xlnt work...thx for sharing...Willie

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Skill and talent!!!

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I showed that to SWMBO. We are sitting here with our mouths open. Those are the best example of cake craftsmanship (or should I say craftswomanship) we've ever seen! WOW
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Thank You ALL Very Much !!


I'll tell her what you said!!




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Man, is there anything better than family This lady would be welcome in any family with her gift of taste and whimsy. No less than you deserve in a daughter in law, Bear.



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Someone has spent some time and effort learning, but that takes a natural talent.


Very cool! So will she be taking chef Duffs TV show over? I know a cake with a sausage center!


Really cool Bear.

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