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If you are going to use a thermo the entire time, I would put it in the smaller one since that is most likely the first one to get done, then move it over to the larger piece.


I have a packer on now (whole brisket - flat + point). Took it out of the fridge, fired up the cooker, trimmed the brisket, and tossed it on the cooker @ 275*, It's been on since 8 am and I will check it in a few more hours. I will pull it once it probes like a hot knife through butter. Then I will separate the point from the flat, wrap the flat in foil, then in a towel, then into a warm dry cooler.

The point I will dice up, add more rub to, add some sauce, then back into the cooker for a while longer.


Have fun with your cook, enjoy your results.

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Long overdue update!!!! Since I halved the brisket, I decided to foil wrap one and not the other to compare. Here is the first time I opened the door!!!

Current status

Time- 10 hrs 5 minutes
Smoker temp - 220-230
Internal meat temp - 175

It's been stuck at 175 for a few hours now. Hoping this bad boy hits 195 sooner than later. I'm starving!!!
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Ah, that's looking DANDY...nice, deep color on the bark!!!


Hey, if you get to about 180-185*, poke it a little bit for tenderness might be closer to done right now than you think. For sliced flats, I rarely go to 195*, and typically closer to 185*, but it depends on prep methods, individual piece of meat, smoker, smoke chamber humidity and temps...lots of variables.


Lookin' GOOD!!!




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What is the poke test?! How do I perform said poke test?!?

I'm going to get my cooler, blankets and foil ready for the make shift cambro!!!
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It's just poking around in the meat with your probe or a tooth-pick or some other small stick-type instrument to feel for tenderness before you decide to remove from the cooker. If you probe into the meat through the grain (not with the grain) gives the best representation of how tender it is. If you stab it and get through the bark/crust and the probe doesn't want to go in easily to the center of the cut of meat (lots of resistance), the meat is not yet tender. If it slides in with little resistance, it's tender. You get a good idea after using it a few times what you want your poke test to feel like when you decide the meat is tender enough to stop cooking, but if it goes in like a hot knife into butter, you're usually to the point of pulling (example: pulled pork) tenderness...a slight resistance will indicate slicing tenderness. It's best to learn to do it with a certain type of instrument such as your thermometer probe, and stay with that same tool in the future, so you know what it feels like for your desired amount of tenderness.




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Looks like you're doing good, but I sense the eagerness (and hunger). Stay cool and wait it out. You have a way to go yet and then the 1 or 2 hour rest. The reward will be worth the wait.
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Took the brisket out at 190. I wrapped the other half up at 170. Wrapped both up right in foil and towels then stored em in a cooler. Then waited for an hour and half (wanted two hours but family was hungry!). When I pulled the foil wrap half out of the smoker it was ready 215 IT....

Sliced the no foil wrap up first. When I unwrapped the other piece the fat literally just slid off. The meat was so tender and just fell apart with a fork.

I already have an idea on what I want to do differently for the next time.

I wanted to say thank you all so very much for your support and guidance. I greatly appreciate all your help on this adventure.

Next time I won't be getting a 9 lb brisket....I have left over meat for the whole week!!!

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If that tastes as good as it looks everyone must have eaten well. Moist and tender looking. Nice job!
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Looks great!


Never. ever say get a smaller cut!  Saving the leftovers is your reward!  You went through all that work? You spent that money on fuel? 


Now you have great and relatively work free meals for a while?


For a first brisket?  You did WAAAY better than I and many others on this forum!


Great job.  Enjoy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Man, this blows my 1st brisket so far out of the water, I think I'd have to cross North America and half of the Atlantic to find it, clinging desperately to a life-raft!!!


I think you will find that the heavier/thicker briskets will yield a better eating slice or pull...they will cook a bit slower, sure, but the upside is how they eat. And as Venture eluded to, with leftovers for a week...right on, brother!!! Freeze some up in baggies, if you have to, but you worked hard and burned up some fuel and smoke wood for the spoils of battle...enjoy them!!! Hey, while you're working on eating up all that brisket, you can start planning and researching for your next smoke, right?


Great work, Swirv!!! Enjoy it, 'cuz you earned it!!!


You're welcome for any help...this is why we're all smoke, learn, and pass it on to the next one in line and hope they can learn it and do it just as well if not better than we did...I think you've met the mark for a first brisket...probably raised the bar a couple pegs...oh, yeah!!!


Many more great smokes to you!!!




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Thanks guys, I have to say I am extremely happy with the result...but it is in my nature to want more!!!


Plan for my next smoke: RIBS!!!


The next time I smoke a brisket, I will use a mixture of Cherry/Pecan/Apple wood.  I'd like to compare the flavor.  I will also consider trying a different marinade (not a soda), maybe a mixture of fruits high in acidity or a nice red wine like 2 buck Chuck! 


I honestly don't think the left overs will last that long. Everyone had 2nds and even 3rds last night!! I have some for lunch today and will more than likely bring some again tomorrow.  Can never have too much beef if you ask me!!

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Good job Swirv, looks great ... I like to inject with plain ole salt water with beef..It doesnt have to be strong to  taste good either.. Just a hint at the end of the bite is pretty nice...

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Great Job!  And what a great thread to follow too.  I'm sure to come back to this post when I do my first brisket...

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Nice job on that brisket!
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Hello Swirv.  That brisket just doesn't look right.  You must have done something wrong.  I wouldn't eat those left-overs if I were you.  I'll send you my address and you can send it to me.  I'll throw it somewhere for you.  Just teasin.  GREAT JOB!!  Good lookin brisket.  And you remembered the Q-view.:drool:  Keep Smokin!




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GREAT first brisket!  You sir are gonna be addicted to this smoking thing I can tell :o)

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