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Whole Chicken - Oak or Apple Wood

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Quick question - I have made many whole chickens in my MES 30 with Apple Wood but was thinking about using Oak for a change.
Any thoughts? What do you normally use? Any other tips?

Thanks again for all you great guys are the best!

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Oak will work it will be a heavier smoke taste then the apple but try it everybody has to try different woods and figure out which is best for their tastes.

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I agreeawith Piney.. from texas and I like a lot of smoke flavor. . Mesquite. . Oak.. Hickory. . But in my opinion. . Chicken takes smoke well
. So split the difference. . Half apple.. halk oak.. ;) best of both worlds ;)
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I'm a less is more kinda guy when it comes to smoke flavoring.  I use apple, peach, cherry etc for poultry and pork.  I reserve oak for beef.  I rarely use hickory or mesquite.  ...but hey who am I to say... I recommend you try it and see what you and your family/friends think.  It might be the best you/they ever had.

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Cherry is one of my favorites for chicken, that is until I tried pecan. Then I did a mix of the two, oh yeah pecan, cherry mix is great on chicken!

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