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Food slicers????????

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I'm looking at getting a slicer, leaning toward Chefs Choice 615. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Take your time and check craigslist. Read reviews on slicers. What are you planning on slicing? what price range do you want to be in?

Here is a pic of my craigslist find.


It is a 12" I paid 195.00 for. I looked for a long time.

Happy smoken.


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If you got the time, do what Mule did. Craiglist is full of slicers from defunct restaurants, sandwich shops, and the like looking to liquidate their stuff, and you'll eventually find a diamond at coal prices.


I got impatient and opted for the Chef's Choice 667 from I paid about $450 and felt that it was worth. The reason I went with this model was that it was the cheapest model that had a blade sharpener built in. I used to work a deli and knew that was crucial.


If you want more details, let me know.

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I use a Chefmate


And love it.


I tried, many years ago,  all of the cheaper walmart, rival type of slicer, found they worked about 5 minutes then screwed up.  This chefmate cost me few hundred dollars, but I have never looked back, it was good investment.

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I have a Chef Choice 610.  Used it twice and now it sits in a closet. Since I slice and smoke 90% Salmon, I found the Slicer as being way too slow and can hand cut very thin slices of fish much faster by hand with far less clean up afterwards.  Now if I was heavily into beef, pork, etc, I might change my opinion.

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Take your time and look on Craig's List as said earlier. Some great deals out there to be found.....


Things I will look at for mine when I get to that piece of equipment:


How much am i going to use it and what for. Go a little bigger then you think you will need, leaves room to grow.


Weight and size..... is it staying in one spot or are you going to have to move it around?


If only doing a little (less then 20lb at a time) I do not feel an automatic slicing feature is needed. IMO just something else to break. For me it is the less moving parts the better.....


How easy is it to breakdown for cleaning? If you can, actually take it apart and see how hard it is to get everything clean.


How hard is it to find replacement parts (blades, gears, motor, etc.)? If the machine is old you will have issues finding these parts and sometimes actually pay more for what you are able to find.


Either a sharpening attachment, as mentioned earlier, or a place you trust that can sharpen the blade. Depending on what you cut, your blades will get dull or burred quickly. Then you get some ugly ends on your pieces as you cut.


Price vs. Time Frame........ If you have time you will find what you are looking for close to your price range, if you need it now you will pay more for it....



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