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Chef W. is this kinda what you used, I think this would do the trick nicely i think, but not sure Im in a big hurry to do that since its not usually smoking so much, but my OCD might kick in....Im sure I can find something like the below even cheaper. :)



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Originally Posted by kerbos5 View Post

Chef W. is this kinda what you used, I think this would do the trick nicely i think, but not sure Im in a big hurry to do that since its not usually smoking so much, but my OCD might kick in....Im sure I can find something like the below even cheaper. :)




That's it exactly BUT, I gotta tell ya, I would not/did not pay $25 for it, being a basic retired cheapskate. The farm & ranch store called Coastal Farms here, had it for about 10 bucks and they are on the high end usually over everybody else. Plus, that black glue didn't hold worth a s*** and I had to go to Home Depot and got some high temp glue used for HVAC that worked better. I've been told Lowes and Home Depot usually have this stuff available but I never found it, being told it was seasonal and stored away in Spring to be brought back out in Fall. Made sense but I was able to find it elsewhere. I've heard of/seen some guys just use some tinfoil on the lid to retain some heat/smoke in bad spots. Another cheap fix that works. Truth is, I was more concerned with heat loss using the propane unit than smoke loss. I'm kinda liking those plumes of smoke coming out to tantalize the neighbors, not to mention the smell of wood & food. YUM. So, I would more than likely live with some smoke loss and not screw with a basically decent set-up. Keep us posted with the adventures....Willie
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Hey Guys, My friend who owns the stove shop said he wouldn't worry about it even the traegers he sells do that at start up too.. As for if I had to do it he had the same thing that you posted Kerbos .. So I am going to just run it like it is and if I do anything I may try what you said Chef with the tin foil..

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Kerbos you have to try a pizza on the grill!!! We have a take&bake place here and last night I picked one up and did it on the grill.. It was awesome.. :drool:

Chef I am running into that issue now where when I fire up the grill the neighbors come out to visit..:grilling_smilie:

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Soooo funny thing happened yesterday Extreme.......my wife came home with stuff to make pizza, asked here what was for dinner and she replied she was gonna make pizza from scratch and pop in the oven, so naturally being a good husband, I offered to help....by offering to throw on pellet/grill.....she obliged....as luck would have it, I also got my new wood pellets from cookinpellets right as I was firing up the Char-Griller, and I must say that they are 1000x better than the traeger crap, smoked good and the pizza turned out great at 350, to my surprise it actually smoked much better at these high temps had to turn the smoke setting down. I took a picture so Chef could see it at High temps with decent pellets as well.  After using this and testing first hand the convenience with the warranty you can get at lowes, I just could never justify the money for a Rec-Tec at this point to anyone, the only benefit it has is a bigger hopper which isn't a major concern for most. The food that comes out of a Rec-Tec or similar product just wont taste that much better, and if it did, it wouldn't be double the price better. IMHO


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Sheese.....you're killin' me here wit those pics. Good thing I have to work this weekend or I'd be sorely tempted to loosen up the wallet string. You even got a Paella pan going there with pizza? Now, me thinks smoked Paella in that unit might be superb. I went to Bi-Mart where they are 399 and saw they sold out of initial inventory so somebody's buying these things up. I asked and more were due in, possibly this coming week, so I'll stand by and wait and see......many thanks for the updates...looks like you are thoroughly enjoying it.....Willie (neighbors must love you by now)
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I just want to provide as much information as possible on this product for other people on the fence, just because there wasn't much to go on when I finally decided....I will continue to update this post if/when good or bad things happen to the unit. And yes all the neighbors like to hang out, also helps when you have a backyard theater for the kids, and you also make wine as a hobby :)... Cheers!

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That is funny Kerbos, I am going to try cookies next I think..So where did you order your new pellets from?  I received the new fire rod today.. I noticed on this one the wire has heat shield on it oppose to the one that came on it..I hope this cures the problem..


Chef I will say buy it for the price it is unbeatable!!!!!!

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Thank You Sir... Wow are you sure we are not related?? I have a rack of baby backs that I was planning on doing Saturday..We are going to a buddies house for the supercross race and I was planning on make the ribs..

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Chef W hold on to your money and anybody else reading this considering!!.....I have an interesting story developing over a mishap with this grill over the weekend, I will share my experience once it has been concluded and given the companies involved a chance to make right.

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OH NO!!!!!!!! What is going on???

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Ok this is gonna be a bit of a story so here goes.......my Char-Griller Pellet Smoker #9020 Exploded!!!!.....the end.


Thats the short version below is a video of what it did on a little bit larger scale.



Yesterday 5/5/2014 I was smoking some ribs and after about 3.5 hours the temp dropped to 100 degrees and appeared to shut down on its own, I unplugged the unit and turned the knob to off figuring all it needed was a reset there were no error codes. Once I turned back on I put it on 225, walked inside for a few minutes.... my Brother in Law noticed it smoking ALOT, we went out to investigate, at this point I knew something was wrong and knelt down to turn off the unit, this is when it just exploded, I felt tremendous amount of heat on my head...fortunately I was not looking up or it would have been my face that was burnt not just my hair singed, my brother in law that was about 2 feet away right in front of it had both legs singed, as you can imagine my brother in law and I were stunned. I have attached pictures of both of us, and some of the grill when I opened up to investigate further, to me it looks like there was a malfunction with the PID, and the auger was feeding to many pellets, probably because it wasn't reading the temperature inside the smoker correctly it was always 10-15 degrees off and occasionally 20 degrees off hotter than the current setting, since it was so new this was something I was watching carefully, as I was contemplating calling in a service ticket to have it looked at since I purchased the Lowes extra warranty with it. My twins were outside about 10 feet away with there mother when this did what it did!!!!


I emailed the company and this is the Corporate F&^& You I got:


"Thank you for your email. This is the first time that I have seen anything like this and I’m grateful everyone is ok. I’m not sure at this point what would have caused it to do that, but I can tell you the best way to get you a refund or a replacement is to take it back to the place that your purchased the grill. Did you purchase you grill from lowes? If you did you can let them know that we have authorized the return of the grill. The only thing that we as the manufacturer would do is send replacement parts, but I’m not sure what you would need at the is point and I think it would be fastest and easiest for you to get a return or refund. Since you did not purchase the grill from us directly you would have to go through the retailer."
"Thank you for your email and I hope the information above helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact myself."
Bottom Line....Char-Griller did not give a damn about the consumer and wanted nothing to do with me is essential what they said..... fortunately Lowes is taking the whole thing back, I asked if they would come get it but they said no, which kinda pissed me off but whatever, I will be taking back for a full refund and CAN NOT recommend to anyone.....I think the pictures speak for themselves....... I don't trust this grill, and wont be "setting and forgetting" when I have 1.5 year old twins the running around the backyard, as I was planning on having this for at least 4 years. Just be aware that this can happen to anybody.
Its back to the ole drawing board, time to find another pellet smoker, at this point I really am about to order a Rec-Tec, I talked to there guys, and he immediately explained to me what might have caused this explosion, and he said that that has never happened with there grills and doubt it would because of how heavy the steel is on the door.





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Did you op3n the doors when you relit the grill. My FEC specifically mentions opening the doors when lighting due to the risk of explosive gasses building up
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I did because I was going to take the ribs out of the smoker to the oven, and changed my mind....however I didn't see anything in the user manual on this subject, which I thought interesting.

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WOW!!!!!! I had mine over fill the pot like that when the fire rod went out.. I heard the pellets hitting the bottom so I shut it off and opened it up.. Sorry that happened to you and glad your family is fine.. I will have to keep my eye on that.. I stopped by the place I bought mine and they did have any left.. I asked a kid working and he had no idea about what grill I was talking about and said the person in charge of that area was at lunch if I wanted to wait.. I said I would come back.. Thanks for the heads up Kerbos..

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It's not just the pot overflowing, the build up of gas from the smoldering pellets can ignite when the pot catches fire, even with  a normal load in the pot.  I've seen more than a few instances of this online.  In general it's best to always keep the doors open until the pot catches fire.  It has to be the right combination of smoke, ash, 02 and flame to make it happen, but better safe than sorry.


Also glad to hear everyone was alright, sorry forgot to say that above.

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HOLY CRAP.....digesting all this info BUT glad no serious injury was incurred by anybody.....Willie
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Wow!! Thankful to hear everyone is OK!

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I am getting a smoker and I have been eyeing this smoker for a week.  I am completely new to smoking, but not to eating smoked food.  I have two friends that are bragging on their smokers; one has a Bradley the other a Traeger Tex.  Originally I eliminated the Traeger smokers because of price, but then I saw this similiar pellet smoker.  Following this thread has been a roller coaster.  It's great..it has some issues..back to great...it almost killed me!  As kerbos was saying, there isn't much info out there about the Char griller, but I am leaning that way.


Any more updates or info?  Would also like to hear from someone that has owned this model for a while.


Also curious as to how this would compare to the Bradley.



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