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Boston butts, Im stuck in a tight spot---

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I have to smoke 2, 7 pound butts for a party tomorrow evening, If i smoke them both at the same time, will they take longer then 1 at a time?


I can i just plan on 12 to 14 hours for 2 in the smoker?


I am using a MES 40, and an amnps.


the real kicker is most of the smoking is going to have to happen while i am at work.





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I'd plan on 12-14. May take a little longer than one but not much.
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I'd agree...leaning more towards the 14 hours myself and maybe 1-2 more in case of a major stall. You can always pull out of the smoker early and wrap, towel and stash in a tight spot like a cooler or the microwave (my new fav spot) and be ready than under the gun time wise. Will anybody be there to monitor the MES???

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You might notice more recovery time after you put the meat in the smoker, but the overall time is the same. I'd plan on 14-16 myself. I like to smoke mine a day or two in advance then I can enjoy the gathering and don't have to worry about the cook not being done. You can hold the finished product wrapped in foil, and towels in a cooler for 3-4 hours no problem. So if its done early that's okay. Remember to allow at least a 45 minute rest prior to pulling. If you run your smoker at 265º you can give yourself a bit more of a buffer.  The last two I cooked were 9 pounds and they took 20 hours in the smoker.

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nope this one is on a wing and a prayer,


this new jobs hectic nature really makes things difficult

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Like the others said, it shouldn't make a difference. Just bear in mind that each roast is different. The last time I did 2 together, which was also in an MES, they finished over 2 hours apart.
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So, due to some weird happenings with my smoker here i am 13 hours later with an IT of 180


I got to stay home and smoke today as the job just did not work out.


here is a link to what happened

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