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Turkeys Appearance/Giblets

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Hi there,


I just bought a case of turkeys for smoking and one of the turkeys seemed different in bone structure from the other 3.  Almost seemed a little deformed.  Has anyone else had this experience and should I be alarmed?


Also, what can I do with the neck and giblets?  I sure hate to waste them if there's a good way to use them.




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In the past I have smoked the giblets and neck just so they take up some smoke flavor then simmer them for a nice long while.  I take what meat is on them and place it in the juice in which I simmered them in.  I use flour to thicken it and make gravy by boiling it to the desired thickness.  Now it thickens even more once it cools so you want it kind of runny.

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thanks lots! i've had the giblet gravy before and love it.  i'll give it a try.



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Oh yeah of course season the gravy to your liking with salt and pepper.

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