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Turkey for first time on MES40

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Just finished my first smoked turkey. The it in at 645 this am and by the time I got home at 1230, the temp was reading 180s in multiple parts from multiple thermometers. It's a16 lb turkey that was put in at 250. Seems like a really short cook, but this smoker seems to finish well ahead of time on most of my cooks. Since its still early, I founded it and let it sit in the oven till I'm ready for it. Thoughts?
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Have you checked the temps on the MES with a good calibrated thermometer? 


Sounds like the temp you have it set for is actually higher than what it is. 

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Always good advice to check your temps and often. I did a 13 pounder a coupla years ago on a propane unit that was done in about 6 hours so it's not impossible.....just be careful with the overly large birds getting out of the danger zone in time.....Willie

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