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Oak Sawdust in MES?

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I have an old red oak that recently died. This thing was about 4' in diameter and as we were cutting it into rounds I had a brainstorm. Lotsa oak for smokin! drool.gif

I placed a 5 gal bucket behind log as I was cutting and soon had it filled to overflowing with clean oak sawdust. Anybody use this stuff in a MES smoker? yahoo.gif If so how, just in chip container, lined up on a stainless sheet, ???
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sounds interesting...with or without smoky bar and chain oil...:pot:

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I wouldn't try dust or pellets in the chip tray. It can flash.


Now you might be able to use it in the AMPS or the AMPS dust model.


But the MES is set for chips, dust/pellets/chunks I don't think will work in the chip tray safely.


Course thats just my opinion and we all know what opinions are like, especially someone elses.

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I use saw dust in my AMNPS. It takes a few months for it to dry, have to stir it once in a while.

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If they're chips from a chainsaw they're going to have bar oil on them.  May look clean, but I'm not sure would be good for food prep.

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