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Sweetening Salmon jerky

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All my friends and fellow anglers love my current Salmon jerky recipe and will stone me if I dare change it.  But I love experimenting. So this weekend, I'll be doing more and want to experiment on a few select pieces by applying some diluted Maple syrup, honey or heated brown sugar after it comes out of the dry brine (brown sugar, salt, garlic).  So when should I brush or spritz it on?  Keep in mind that I typically air dry for a couple hours, smoke for 2 hours and then dehydrate for 4+ hours.   I'm thinking during the drying process?

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I like to apply it after the pellicle has formed, but before I smoke. The heat during the smoking stage lets the sugars carmelized and meld together with the fish.
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That's what I do currently with some of my Salmon filets. Before going into the Big Chief, diluted honey brushed on followed with a tiny amount of coarse black pepper. What would be best for a sweetener ?  Maybe I'll try both honey and maple syrup on a few separate select pieces.


Oh joy, it's experimenting time.

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Oh joy, it's experimenting time.


Wish I was there, I would gladly help tote out all the old used experiments for disposal......

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Water will partially dissolve the pellicle that has formed...   Sugars and honey are hygroscopic and draw moisture from the air...   Just something you should look out for....  




Hygroscopic substances include cellulose fibers such as cotton and paper, sugar, caramel, honey, glycerol, ethanol, methanol, diesel fuel, sulfuric acid, ...

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So Dave,

What would you recommend?  What I was thinking to do is to apply the sweetener just to the top side of each piece.

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Yeah, that's what I'd do....   Just wanted you to know what to expect...    Dave

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