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SQWIBS Teaser of the Week, REVEALED

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Since Mushroom was mentioned....


Outdoor Buffet

This is something I have been researching for the last several months.
Your own yard is a buffet, well not for me but there are plenty of foods to forage for, one of my favorites has been Mushrooms. It's nice to know that when I'm out Back Packing I can forage for food to supplement my meals. So I have been educating myself and ordered a few field books.
This is going to be my first attempt at eating a wild mushroom.
This is a Puff Ball (link removed), here's some more info on these guys (link removed).

I came across this guy Backpack Camping at Hickory Run S.P., pictured above, this puff ball was a little bit bigger than a softball.

I find these guys all over and as a kid we used to pick them up and throw them against the tree or kick them like a ball...what a waste, when they were mature we would toss them and they would poof into a dust cloud of spores. I never knew this was the same mushroom, anyhow the mushroom is called a Puff Ball and since I found one in the company parking lot and thanks to a fellow blogger I'm gonna brave this Mushroom for dinner tonight. (omitted the article link)







I sliced the mushroom like fries for dipping and for the dip I used Outbacks Blooming Onion dip recipe, this dip is great with anything breaded and fried.
Chicken fried steak to the right, topped with a roux.
If I were in the field this guy would be chopped and added to eggs or a stew or something, but I'm sure since I know these can be eaten, I'll probably never see another one.


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Okay...some kind of fried cheese...goat cheese possibly?



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Fried Tofu? If im right  YUCK!!!

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Originally Posted by Mike Johnson View Post

Fried Tofu? If im right  YUCK!!!

I agree with Mike on the YUCK if that is tofu!  th_anim_burp.gif 

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Not Cheese and definitely not Tofu

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Looks like a frozen chicken patty! biggrin.gif

But I know you a lot better than that, maybe a mushroom cap?
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It's either Chinese fried chicken.....or moz cheese



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Its a Buick.....................

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Could be chicken or pork tenderloin

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WhooHoo!!! What do I win?!?!?!

I don't really care for mushrooms but they sure do look like they are Good!!!!
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Chicken fried whole frog? Can't be it would be a darker roux......


You didn't pick the mushrooms growing out the cow patties did ya?

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post..


You didn't pick the mushrooms growing out the cow patties did ya?

Yep, they're the best, they have a nuttier flavor!

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Well I was just as close as everyone else except for Dave.....:30:

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