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Chorizo stix

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5lb batch whipped up for office breakfast. Adapted from Len poli recipe. Added #1 cure, eca, and cayenne. Started at 130 No smoke the bumped every hour adding smoke for the next three the finishing till internal temp is 165 since this pork. My mes is finicky and over shoots temps ranging from 10 to 55 degrees making finishing off sausage a pain and I get fat out when I set it to 150 and temp rises to 195/205/210. In order to stop this my research shows I have a homemade pid project in order. Any ideas on how to not fat out without a pid I'm all ears. [IMG]Thanks
Sausage looks and tastes great right out of smoker. Not so pretty after bloom and fat out but a few seconds in microwave back to pretty.
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Sounds like a good idea. Chorizo Stixs would be tasty...JJ

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Chorizo sticks - that sounds really good. - yours look great,,,,,,,Seems to be theres going to be a lot of Research and development going on at the Plowboys house:biggrin: , I have a fridge smoker with PID but the only thing I can think of is maybe more draft on the bottom of mes?? Are you using the amps for smoker or the tube in the MES?? I know discussion on here said with the ampz they putt the feeder tube out a little, just wondering if that gets them enough air going thur to keep the spikes down???? you are covering the burner with some tin foil or drip pan right to where fat cant drip on element making a flare up??? just some thoughts - good luck

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Looking good!


I have MES40 that temps vary like yours do, but I don't get the spikes like you mention. 


I have a cheap battery operated fan, that I sit to blow in the smoker. I take the chip loader and chip tray out and sit it to blow in where the chip loader came out. I don't know if that is why mine doesn't spike.

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No amzn. Guess I need to show my setup. Using a hot plate with my own chip tray. computer fan sounds good or other small battery type. I guess I can just start peeking and open the door as I see a spike coming or maybe cracking it open a little. Stix were a huge hit and no made it to lunch. More qview and testing coming. Love getting to eat the results.
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Chorizo looks it didn't last long at the office.............Thumbs Up

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