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First try at Canadian Bacon with questions

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Hello All,
Ok, so I got a couple of pork tenderloins and used Pops brine so I am sure this will come out great. I have pics but cannot upload from work as all of the little Icons when posting are not available.

This was all put in the brine on the 13th and has been turned once every day since.

I was planning on smoking this up this weekend giving it 14 days in the brine.

However this weekend has become booked. Should I pull the bacon tonight and then smoke it early, or should I let it remain in the brine longer and smoke it when I can?

What is recommended Cold smoking it or hot smoking it? I am in Michigan so I can do either as it is in the high 20's to low 30's at night already.

Thanks for your assistance and pictures will follow.
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Did you brine loins or tenderloins, two different animals. Loins are dark meat and smaller whereas Loins are all white meat and big. When making back bacon I allowed mine to cure in Pops brine for usually 12 to 14 days. I have brine cured as long as 18 days without a problem.


Here's what I did the last time, seemed to sell pretty well.

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Sorry, I did Loins (Darker and smaller, they were on sale). I will look at your post again and go from there. Thanks
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It can stay in the brine up to 35 days before the nitrate starts breaking down.

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You can wait and let it cure another week or more you'll be fine



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To clarify, Tenderloins are the little critters.


Loins are the big critters.


Please be very careful as the difference in size can change curing time dramatically. A little over curing time will not be a problem.  Under curing could lead to major problems.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I decided to let them go the full 14 days (this will be tomorrow). Family has plans all day tomorrow so I will pull them tomorrow morning and let them sit until Sunday and form a pellicle and hopefully smoke on Sunday. At least that is the plan for now.

Thanks for all of the assistance.
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Just a suggestion, since you have waited 2 weeks, studied and learned how to make them, then going to smoke them....... plan and make sonething special with the bacon before you nipple it all gone. Seriously, I bought 4 full loins, after the weekend I made them, I had one loin.

Pizza is killer, Eggs Benedict my favorite, whatever you do, I am sure you'll make a lot of smiles.

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That is a great suggestion Foamheart. The ones I bought are not really big as I thought I would not go big the first go-round. Thanks
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Ok, So it is a beautiful 43º here this afternoon and I have 14 days of curing done on the loins so it is time to smoke.


Since the smoker I have had some extra space I decided to put a couple of block of cheese in as well.

So we have the Canadian bacon on the left and then:

Munster - 3 blocks

Farmers - 3 blocks

Mozzarella - 5 blocks

Pinconning - 2 blocks

Colby - 1 block

Longhorn - 3 blocks

Pepper Jack - 1 block

Extra Sharp Cedar - 1 block


AMNPS is loaded with Oak and Maple and lit from both ends and going to town. 


More pics in a few hours.

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Wow thats more cheese there than a whole box of Exlax could cure!


Lookin good!

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Make some pea-meal bacon if you haven't smoked all the loins. Take a cured loin dry it off then roll it in corn meal . You are done, slice and fry, try it you will like it.

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Time to switch to some Hot smoking for the bacon and I added a 7 lb beef Eye of Round. So I moved the cheese to my PC Cheese smoker and then added  some coals and a big chunk of fresh apple wood and away we go.



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Here is the finished product! The Canadian Bacon is awesome (thanks to Pops Brine) as well as the packaged Cheese. Now to wait till about Thanksgiving for some smoked cheese.


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That all looks like top notch stuff. Nice work!!!

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