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first smoke on wsm

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After having my wsm sitting fully assembled for a week and my maverick thermometer waiting to go I finally had a free day to fire up for the first time :-)
The startup went smooth and the wsm held at a steady 230-240 all day. First smoke was St Louis spare ribs. They turned out fabulous. The family was impressed as was I. I bought a rib rack so I was able to do 4 racks on the top. I used the 3-2-1 method. [IMG]
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Very Nice.... Those look yummy.  Do you have an 18" or 22" WSM?  Just curious as you said you were able to do 4 slabs on the top rack. I have a 18" one and I don't think I could get 4 racks up there.  Did you use the water pan or elect to not use it?

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I have an 18" I had to curl one end a little bit. The racks were probably close to 20" I did use the water pan.
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Those look good! 

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Thanks! I now have to figure out what my next smoke will be. Decisions decisions. Any suggestions?
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Try some pulled pork - you will love how easy it is to do a long PP smoke with the WSM. I usually put mine on at midnight, catch 6 or 7 hrs. of sleep, check the temps, let it ride untill it's done. Super easy and great results!

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