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whole or split chicken?

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Me and my friend have a running feud going on. I say its best to brine your chickens and turkeys then smoke them breast side down to allow the juices to settle on the breast in the inside. He said its best to rub the chicken down only right before the bird goes on the smoker. He then splits it and smokes it that way.

which do you prefer? Whole or split?
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Split cooks faster and tends to stay juicier. If you do whole use the beer can meth and it works great as well.
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I prefer split from the backbone side.  I leave the breastbone intact, cook skin side up.  The breastbone and ribs protect the white meat from direct heat, resulting a in a juicier breast.  Plus the skin comes out much nicer. 


Brined first too.  Always.


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I have done a spatchcocked bird before but, have always like the results of smoking a whole bird. I love doing beer can chicken and doing birds on a rotisserie too. I love brining them then, rubing them with olive oil and my throwdown chicken rub. Then smoking it on my small offset smoker at around 250 degrees. I put the breast side down and then flip it halfway through the process. Always comes out juicy and crispy skin all over. Tradition I quess. Way my father taught me.
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