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did some wings today.

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Picked up a 5 pound bag yesterday, thawed over night and seasoned them with Con Yeager Wing Dust and some Smokey BBQ seasoning, left sit for about 45 minutes to warm up a bit, and then onto the RT at 190 for a while, lost track of time working on lawn tractor, took the temp of a few of them and they were in the 130's so turned the grill to 265 and put some BBQ sauce the GF doctored up on a few of them for her. cooked about 20 more minutes. Temps were now in the 170-180 range.

Very good wing this time, my first time wasn't so good but the wing quality was bad. These actually came out very close to what i was looking for, the skin wasn't crisp not really bite through, but the taste and texture and clean from the bone were very good. Some experimenting and I will get the chicken coming out the way i want it to.


Used the Rec Tec pellet grill for these.

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Yum, those look great!!

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Looks great! Bet they were tasty!


In order to get the skin crisped up you really need to get your temps above 300º and preferably above 325º. I tens to run mine 325º-350º. I have also found that saucing the wings will lead to the skin not being as crisp. The injected wings that I do crisp up better than the sauced ones.

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Quick tip on getting skin crisp.


If you have a gas grill, turn it on high, with lid up cook on each side for about 2-3 minutes each side.

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