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Ribs and Rib Tips!

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I did these on my Weber Performer with Kingsford Charcoal and some Apple Chips.  They were on for about 3 hours total and were racked down the middle with coals on the sides.  Starting temp was between 225 and 275 for the first two hours.  Then I added fresh coals opened the vents, stoked the coals and finished them at about 325.  I took them off and into the pan and covered with foil for about another 45 minutes.  I then cut them and served them with some of Jeff's Sauce on the side.


They were 3 full untrimmed racks that I finished the butchering myself to get the St. Louis style and Rib tips from.  I paid $1.99 a lb.  Rib Tips are down the middle.


They were delicious with and without the sauce.


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:drool: Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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