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A friend at work gave me some Ghost Peppers,Chocolate Habs, and some Butch Ts and said make me some sticks. I used a three pepper premix, cure mixed in water, and 5lbs of 80/20 beef. Here is some pics of what i have done so far.

80/20 beef


i know it is jerky seasoning but whats the difference

ghost peppers, habs, butch, and some lemon drop peppers i had ground

cure mixed with 1/2 cup water

meat mixed

stuffed in 21mm casings




went on my cajun electric smoker with Amazn pellet smoker using 50/50 of hickory and oak

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will post more when sticks are done

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Looks good so far:popcorn

Happy smoken.


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Holy hot sticks batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fire in the Hole! I like hot, but I fear these might even do me in! fire.gif:th_violent5:

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That Looks to be darn good.

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Nice start but waaaaaay to hot for me!

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Oh man, those look dangerous! Fire in the hole!

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Those are right up my ally by gosh.  I would love to try that.  Nothing wrong with a hot treat, every now and then.  I recently, like this past Friday was in the Local TSC store and they had some snack sticks in a package, hot, supposedly.  Got them home, opened them, and if that is hot, I do not know what to tell you. My comment on them, too much fat, no heat.  I have hot sauces that will take the paint off the wall, kicking around here.  I just got me a meat grinder again this past week, Hot snack sticks are my to do list, that is for sure.

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