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What to do with cured belly trimmings?

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I have a bunch of lean belly trimmings off of some cured pork bellies, about a gallon bag worth. Its mostly meat with little fat. I figure i would just put it on a tray and smoke it but then i got to thinking about makeing a smoked chopped ham. Any ideas or input?
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Teriyaki Pork Belly with Cashew Jasmine Rice.
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Certainly a great idea!  Smoke the pieces up to 150° minimum so they are fully cooked and hand chop or in a blender (or the grinder if you have enough, but you lose what's in the throat as it gets mushed up) and mix in relish and a bit of mayo.  Add to your taste (horseradish, spicy mustard, hot sauce, etc.)  Technically, Cured and Smoked Pork Spread; or generically Ham Spread! 


Handy dandy hand chopper, by Kwik Kut Mfg, Mohawk, NY:




I've used one of these for over 40 years, got it as a wedding present by someone who worked there over 41 years ago, still being made there too!  Google Kwik Kut.  Toothed or Straight edged choppers.  They're cheap and effective!

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I havent weighed it but i bet i have close to 5 lbs worth, i was thinking about putting it in a ham stocking and making a football ham with it. The peices are different sizes from the fist size to thumb size. Maybe even put it in a grinder first so it will bind together? I also have binders for sausage if i needed.
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Use in soups, beans or anything that you would use bacon in or on.



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I save my trimmings and put in 1 lb vac seal packs. use in beans of any type. Dice fine and mix w/ ground beef for meat loaf or burgers. Use it in greens or cabbage . Fry and crumble for salads etc etc etc.

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I already have tons of bacon ends and smoked jowl in the freezer for normal use. I want to do something else with this since i have a bunch and its already cured (not smoked yet). I may grind and stuff into 22mm casings and smoke for snack stick since it is all lean meat.
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Not sure if your a hunter or have access to venison trimmings, but I bet it would be a great addition to the ground venison.
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