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recycling smoke

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Ok here i go with my first ? . I was thinking of putting a fan in the bottom of my söön to
Built smoker and have a pipe from the chimney to the fan so i can reuse the smoke if that makes any sence ?. Has anyone here done this? Are there any problems or issues anyone can think of with reusing the smoke .thks guys for and advice
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Welcome to the forum.


Now that's what I would call being frugal.  Two questions though.

1.  Would moist air being reintroduced be a problem?

2.  What will your neighbors be able to smell?


Give it a try and let us know the results.  I do use the exiting smoke from a hot smoker to supply a cold smoke chamber. Pictures #1 & #2 in the following thread. My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View



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Any other ideas as why this wouldnt work or is a waste of time ¿
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In all honesty, at some point you will need to exhaust the smoke, what you propose sounds like a closed loop. I believe you risk over smoking your food because of too much smoke in the cooking chamber.

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We encourage members to leave their exhaust vent wide open so the fresh tasty smoke is in contact with the meat as much as possible with the less desirable, Stale, smoke exiting the smoker. Do I have Scientific Proof of this or can I say at X minutes the smoke goes stale?...Nope, just one of those things you learn from the more experienced among us. I can't think of a reason why recycling smoke would have a flavor benefit...JJ

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There have been those that will rig up an exhaust from a hot smoker to a separate unit for cold smoking in various ways, usually with something akin to a large diameter dryer vent exhaust, but Ive never seen it going back in to the original unit.  Fresh air is the best for incoming; it oxygenates the smoke produced.

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Keep it simple.  No recirculating fan.  That would complicate the hell out of it and I think it would just not work.  The cooking chamber has to be exhausted at some point.  You will need 2 separate exhaust or divert just part of the single exhaust.'s just getting too complicated.  Don't do it.

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Your in Australia, doesn't the smoke go out the bottom? Ha ha

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Thks for responces guys. I do tend to over think things a little (if your talking to the wife then she would say ALOT lol) its just that the wood chips on eBay work out at about $50 a kg so I thought I could get maximum value out them..not every thing is backwards down here in OZ ...
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